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There’s nothing like the experience of a first dog…

A Christmas present and a smiley face took all the attention of the moment. Did you really expect it? A black Labrador male with no more than 10 weeks since his birth. Covered in red, followed by a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” , she said, here is your gift.

Buy a dog’s bed. Find out what it’ll be the right food and amount for him. What about some toys? How can we train the little one? Dexter, might be a strong name for a puppy but not for his energy. Dex was taken for his first shot a week later after got him. Being just a newbie and surround for any kind of dog wasn’t bad as expected, “good boy”, he didn’t cry with the shot, what a brave puppy. Eating 3-4 times a day, his energy increase more and more, barking is getting louder each day, about 40 pounds of hairs running around the house with none stop, do not forget buy new toys, poor teddy bear that only half of it is left. Dexter come here! Dexter no barking! Dexter leave it! Dexter sit! Dexter down! Dexter stay! Dexter no!

Time for a walk. Good boy! he like the leash, well, go outside, interact with other dogs. You aren’t a bad person but you know isn’t time to let him out of the leash at the park. What a curious dog. He doesn’t know the outside so why not go trough everything in my way? Dexter lets go! you don’t pull the leash, just get down and make him come to you, good boy! pet him, give him a treat, okay keep going. Loves play and get all the attention.

Teach a dog isn’t easy but he knows that when time calls hold until we take him outside. He knows when it’s time for bed and where it’s his place.

He’s just a dog. But not any kind. Dexter is My Dog and He Knows That. We still have a long life together but that’s another story.


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